Software & Web Portfolio of Douglas McGruter
The Professional Manager 2.0 Series for Business & Financial Management
Between 1984 and 1987, Doug McGruter created a wide variety of business applications. In 1986, some of his clients joined together and formed MacSystems Development Corp. for the purpose of marketing "generic" versions of their applications to the general public. These videos were produced to promote these products in trade shows and for use by the sales staff in direct marketing.

Production Note: These videos were made in 1988 prior to the availability of PC hardware that allowed capturing computer screens directly to video -- therefore all "screen shots" had to be made with a video camera shooting the images off of the computer monitor, which rendered them with less clarity than the digital-direct technology we use today.


The Professional Manager 3.0 Today
The Professional Manager has been upgraded over the years with full color screens and many new features -- below are just a few samples of the current screens...
As most of our web applications are proprietary and protected by firewalls,
the following clients have given permission for us to show some
"screen shots" of their programs as part of this Portfolio.
The New Hampshire Technology Project (NHTP)
The State of New Hampshire was one of the first states to create a database that combined personal and health data from various participating social service agencies into a common pool for access anywhere in the state. Clients/patients are then given a password that they can use in any participating agency to "unlock" their data from other sources to help expedite their receipt of services in different medical and social services situations.

The program accesses data from many different databases (i.e. MS Access, MSSQL Server, Oracle, OpenBase) into a common OpenBase system that conforms to HIPPA Standards.

PlanSellProsper - Corporate Edition
White Page Software has just released a single-user edition of their popular sales lead automation tool called "PlanSellProsper" -- this is the user interface design for their corporate multi-user edition which currently has not been given a production date.
Triangle Trust Investments
Triangle Trust is a real estate investment firm in Tucson AZ that needed a way to display information about their properties and manage their data from a database that they could administer automatically from inside their organization.
HitMakers Magazine
HitMakers is a Pop Music Poll Magazine that relies on disc jockeys across the country to act as reporters to help compile statistics on radio air play and requests for new and established releases in the industry. The program combines 3 different types of surveys that share a common pool of Songs and radio stations to product more than 25 different charts and reports, then exports them for page layout and email distribution to the record companies.
Griffin Manufacturing
If you've ever worn a piece of NFL or NBA sportswear, then you've worn a piece of clothing that was made by Griffin Manufacturing. They needed an online way to schedule shipments from their Fall River MA offices to and from their assembly plant in Puerto Rico -- the online database had to "talk" to their legacy database (written with FoxPro) to do the job.
Old Masters Trade School
Old Masters teaches students all aspects of working in the construction industry -- they needed a way to link their students to both Agency sponsors (scholarships) and to track their employment after they graduate from school.
University of Memphis - School of Continuing Education
The University needed a way for incoming students to pre-register from home using the internet, pay their fees and have their legacy database updated upon completion -- this is the only screen the student sees as the rest of the transaction is done in the background...